This is how Big Oil will die
Seth Miller

For me, if we end up going to electrical vehicles, it is imperative that we move to liquid fluoride thorium reactors. Renewables lack energy density. I hate the way windmills destroy a landscape and the same goes for solar. They take up way too much real estate and are ugly to boot.

Liquid Fluoride Thorium reactors are the nuclear power we should have had when we developed them at Oak Ridge in the 60’s. When you change from water as a coolant to molten salt you make radical changes, particularly with safety. When you switch from uranium to thorium you virtually eliminate all long lived nuclear waste. You also make it totally impractical to make weapons.

Nuclear is a million times as energy dense as a carbon/hydrogen bond. And a carbon hydrogen bond is far more energy dense than solar or wind.

Thorium reactors were originally designed for airplanes. They can be incredibly small. They can be underground. They can be assembled like airplanes or ships in factories as they are far less complicated than planes. They can be barged to a site or put on a ship and moved around. Someday they could be powering planes or rockets.

They can also be used for making carbon fuels using atmospheric CO2 and if fuels are manufactured that way they would be carbon neutral.

We have the ability to do these reactors now. Here is one example. These things would truly revolutionize the world.

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