The subtle psychology used by mainstream media to give Hillary the upper-hand

Yesterday Hillary won 4 out of 5 states. To hear the media tell it, she slaughtered Bernie with a sword and burned his body on a pyre. Oh she’s in the lead, but how did she get there? And why has the controlling story been about either her victories or his losses?

It’s a subtle psychological trick that the media knows all too well — we tend to side with winners. Create a perception of winning and you will create a winner. If you disagree with this statement, that’s because it’s working on you.

Early on, HRC marshaled the support of elected officials (so-called super delegates) prior to them even hearing what their constituents desired. This is the very definition of establishment politics, and a microcosm of the larger failure of our government. Power siding with power instead of supporting the people they are charged to serve.

Zoom out and you’ll clearly see an amorphous blob made up of corporate owned media, lobbyists purchasing an entire branch of our government, and the military-industrial complex humming innocently along like they are making yoga mats or gumdrops. We call this American politics.

I’m crazy, right? A conspiracy theorist! Then why do protests in DC remain largely un-covered by the mainstream media? Why was Bernie Sanders invisible and “unelectable” for months? This is not a mistake or oversight. Which stories get told and which do not are also chosen by people in power to keep others in power.

This election is not about issues, it is about changing the narrative and dismantling power structures. It is about reclaiming our collective right to the fucking American Dream, preserving the natural world, and ending this country’s oil wars. There is no, “I’ll take Hillary or Bernie as long as it’s not Drumpf”. There is no, “it doesn’t matter who you vote for, just vote”. In my opinion, every person has 3 choices; vote for Bernie, vote for tyranny, or stay home.