Getting Older.

Something happened to me last week, something that happens to us once every 365 days, with out failure. But something that hit me somewhat differently this time.

It was my birthday, I got another year older. I don’t know what it was about this year, not to sure what made it so special; but for the first time I actually feel that I’m getting old. It could be the knee surgery I had, it could be the fact that its been one of the craziest and busiest years ever. Working, traveling, Hackathoning, mentoring more hackathoning. I really don’t know, and it some what bothers me.

I was always told that age is just a number; I think now I partially agree with that. I think that there’s how old you are by your birth certificate, and then how old you are based on your life. For me, my life age is at least 10 years more than my birth certificate shows, putting me close to 40.

I really do wish I could understand this feeling of rapid aging based on life experience, but still it is in the realm of mystery, and we will never know!