Halyard Times (vol. 21)

Hi All,

We are back from a very successful and joyful Move In Weekend and I wanted to thank those of you who worked on the dock, unpacked boxes and decorated so wisely and so well. As always, this is my effort to preserve memories of our time in Saratoga and to include those of you who couldn’t be there in the HAPPENINGS.

The big HAPPENING this weekend is that we are pretty much moved in. As you know, my computer doesn’t let me attach many photos so I am selecting a few special ones. Here is the deck installation crew, working hard on a very very windy day!

I think it is safe to say that everyone there really really loves the house. A wonderful addition to it came in the form of a magnificent and entirely functional dining room table designed and built by Norm. We LOVE it and already used it for a Harvest and Hearth pizza dinner. As you can imagine, it looked all the better with our lovely Elizabeth and Mollie plastic birthday dishes! I wish I took a photo of the table but we were too busy enjoying it to pause for a photo!

Dan and I are not artists and craftsmen like Norm, but I must say we did a fantastic job with the house. Dan gets FULL credit for being the architect and designing space that is delightful, functional and livable. There are windows everywhere and then there are more windows. While I am not an architect or designer, I did prove to be an able assistant helping Dan pick lighting, cabinets, hardware and most of all, colors. The colors are lovely and work so well together.

Mollie and Liz VH are able and eager furniture arrangers and in short order, everything had found it’s rightful place. Our rugs, which looked “so-so” in the old house, look spectacular in the new one. We are still missing dressers and some side tables but for the most part, the house is furnished and looking light, bright, open and airy.

We hung a few pictures but want to be sure not to over-do it with wall adornments. We’re putting very little on the living room and kitchen walls and only three pictures on the walls of each bedroom. We’re not putting up family photos on the walls (except for the Elsa Dorfman and possibly, the ketubah pulling). Family photos will be on the mantle and on the shelves around it and on tables.

The floors are two beautiful to mess up, so we’re going to try the “leave your shoes at the door” plan. I think we can get in the habit. Speaking of floors, Dan and I went to Lowe’s and picked out tiles for the family room. It is going to look beautiful.

Mollie has provided us with a bunch of natural cleaning supplies and we are going to buy them from now on. We agree with her that for young people, especially the kids, the chemicals should be avoided.

Although we worked hard, there was ample time for fine dining last weekend. In addition to enjoying great pizza on Norm’s table, we had another round of lobster burritos at Cantina. And before Mollie and I arrived, the work crew managed two reportedly good meals at Doc Browns.

Sadly, Dan and I had to leave early Sunday to go to NYC for my cousin, Jan’s funeral (I am still in shock over her sudden death and very sad to have lost her. Among other things, I had looked forward to sharing time in Toga with her as she loved the races and our dads were lifelong track and everywhere buddies). Anyway, we returned to the house early evening and it was great to see the pontoon boat at the end of the dock. Norm and Liz, THANK YOU!!

Dan and I will be back on the 9th to welcome our new downstairs fridge. And not long after that we will traveling back with the awesome table he is refurbishing.

Can’t wait to spend time with all of you at One Halyard Court.

Love, ellen