I don’t understand why people like Medium.
Daniel Lo Nigro

I like medium but it feels a bit… overwhelming? I love writing but most of the things just don’t fit into a magazine and therefore don’t fit on medium. I saw a ton of engineering related posts with big editorial pictures and quotes in them and what not but it just doesn’t feel right. It seems more like I’m reading a hipster magazine and not someones opinion.

That being said, I’d love to be more creative and actually be able to utilise medium more. It gives you a audience and community and connects you to people that like the stuff / the style you publish.

On a normal blog you don’t have that. Or… mostly. When you blog, you can almost be sure that you will only reach people through google or if someone scouts your profile my typing your URL in on purpose, which is rare.

But that’s the thing, right? It’s for publishers and not for the person that writes like 1 post in 3 months (me).

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