Good article on a bad situation.
Scott Johnson

And now it’s happening in Manitoba. Huge cuts to Healthcare and Education budgets are already impacting the respective systems. Manitoba will lose countless health and education professionals to the detriment of most, and they will be difficult to replace. It’s much more important to reduce taxes on large family farms and claw back mining rights fees with budgetary cuts from “privelege” services.

Apparently, the answer to long wait times at Emergency Care and Urgent Care facilities is to close them, all but eliminating line ups. People just won’t attend Emergency Centres, all but guaranteeing shorter wait times. And already, within the first year of their mandate, the provincial Conservative government are floating the idea of privatizing MB Hydro. The sale of the public utility is sure to raise enough money to eliminate the deficit for the balance of the present government’s term. Then the burden gets shifted to the voters, with a correlated inverse impact to income, of course, because poor people need to pay to learn their lesson for being poor.