“Trump knows this.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

And those who disbelieve Ms. Hatch’s description of Trump supporters need only read through the comments below. There are Trump supporters claiming (both here in the comments, as well as comment threads on other sites) that his comments were taken out of context, or that the transcript is inaccurate, or that the entire video needs to be viewed for the “whole truth” — because apparently, when Donald Trumps agrees with a Fox News host’s opinion that the ACHA is going to achieve the exact opposite of what Trump promised during the campaign, it’s a giant main stream media lie.

Sitting here in Canada, with access to media, from all over the political spectrum, from all over the world, it’s fairly easy to see what a massive failure this administration has already become, and also easy to see that Trump supporters, in their tidy little Breitbart/Fox News/ Infowars bubble, actually have no idea of what’s occurring.

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