No, Trump doesn’t intend to bring back coal, even if he could.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

And to add to your points above, the administration has also given approval for the Dakota Access and Keystone pipelines as well as loosening regulations on fracking for natural gas. There’s going to be, if it hasnt already begun, a glut of fossil fuel over the next decade. Prices are so low that several companies have shuttered plants in the Alberta Oil Sands reserves and prices remain stalled in the $45BBL range. This all conspires to make coal unprofitable and, contrary to what Trump and his cronies believe, very unpopular.

Coal is never coming back. And with the introduction of bigger, more efficient equipment, robotics, and streamlined processes, the coal industry will continue bleeding jobs.

But it was more expedient to give miners false hope to buy their votes, than to solve the multiple problems facing a dying industry and it’s workers.

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