Well again, David, all you talk is about how you “feel” about things, it is all subjective to how…
Louis Weeks

Blah blah blah. Still haven’t spent a single word directly explaining with actual citations why my criticism of Trump is misplaced or wrong.

For example, when I agreed with the author and compared Trump’s record in office to his promises as candidate, you accused me of not applying the right standard. Yet your rebuttal was to compare Obama to his campaign promises. You didn’t show how Trump achieved his campaign promises or how his record was, in fact, better than Obama’s; you used the same standard that was wrong when applied to Trump and promptly used Obama’s promises as the indicator of his failures.

So let’s try this again. I’m alleging Trump’s had the worst first one hundred days, let alone first six months, of any president in the past century, whether the comparison is to his promises or other presidents.

So what’s the comparison standard to be used? His achievements versus:

  • His own campaign promises?
  • Only that of his immediate predecessor?
  • The last 100 years?
  • All presidents?

Because whatever standard you apply to Trump’s lack of achievement will also have to be the same standard applied to every other president.

If you feel comparing Obama’s record to his promises is fair, then apply it to Trump.

I bet you’re not up to the challenge, and won’t be able to resist an excruciating long and rambling word salad crucifying myself and other “radical leftists” for emotional responses and misplaced hatred. Or, you won’t be able to resist using “but what about Obama doing such and such”.

Go ahead. You have the floor

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