Sessions: Legal pot drives violent crime, statistics be damned
Alan Pyke

I wonder if this isn’t more about filling privately operated prisons with more wage slaves for the administration’s business friends. And about creating an entire generation of urban millennials with criminal records who won’t be able to vote democrat in the future.

Because it surely can’t be because ol’ Jefferson’s most vivid cinema memory is watching “Reefer Madness”, can it? He sounds eerily similar to my 87 year old father’s beliefs regarding the war on drugs.

Ah, what was I reminded of by another TP member? Right, not to take Donald Trump and his administration literally. You know, that what #45 said on the campaign trail wasn’t literal promises. So I assume the DOJ isn’t literally going to ramp up the “War On Drugs” by focusing on recreational marijuana use in states where the citizens voted to make it legal? Trampling states rights in the process? Right? That’s not going to happen, right? Unlike enforcing anti-discrimination laws for transgender persons, which clearly the DOJ is uncomfortable enforcing thereby trampling over states rights?

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