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If she committed all the “crimes” (a Republican laundry list of campaign invective) listed, can you explain why not one single domain, state or federal, impanelled a Grand Jury or brought charges to court?

Remember, as you Trump apologists are quick to remind, the GOP has unseated over 1000 Democrats, has had control of Congress for the past seven years, and has majority rule in 2/3’s of state governments. You’re insinuating that literally 1000’s of state and federal prosecutors are Democrat compromised? And you’re implicating the Republican Majorities in the House and Senate in a Clinton/Democrat cover-up?

You completely defy logic and common sense with this. You claim, on one hand that the Democrats are going down because they’re too weak to fight, yet on the other hand imply that the Democrats are so powerful that they have quashed all investigations of Mrs. Clinton. Which story are you going with moving forward?

Again, you have yet to answer the question. What crimes? With citations.

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