I called you out on it several times, when you say it one time it is a mistake, when you keep…
Louis Weeks

“Looks like you stepped on your pecker again David”

Define the term “radical leftist”. Just do it. Quit dancing around it and define the term “radical leftist”.

“Look in the mirror.”

Oh, Louis, I will always have these gems to treasure. Oh, yeah, and the screen shots in case you decide to edit them out.

Oh, and by the way, where’s the Executive Order for “The Wall”? Where’s the Appropriations Committee bill? Or the rider on any other bill to fund “The Wall”? Where’s the Senate sub-committee studying “The Wall”. Where’s the Congressional action on sponsored bills for “The Wall”? Has there been a bill introduced on the House or Senate floor to authorize “The Wall”?

So Trumpy’s big Executive Order for the first day in office to get the wall built is where? What are we, 25 days in already?

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