FOX and the rest are extremely tiny, their impact to American viewers is nothing compared to the…
Louis Weeks

This link says otherwise (courtesy of IJR, a bastion of conservative bias):

Fox News is the Elephant in a room full of kittens by ratings.

So, A) Fox News is the BIGGEST BOY, with ratings that are larger than the the next three biggest combined, and B) clearly, Fox News was not “asleep at the wheel” as the network spent the last eight years relentlessly attacking Barack Obama. Openly attacking. Without reprieve, for the past eight years.

So, if it’s okay to “deligitimize” President Barack Obama, why is it not okay to extend the same treatment to President Trump? Because if you’re complaining about the treatment extended to President Trump, you should also be horrified at the same treatment handed out to President Obama.

You also responded with:

If the media intentionally lies then they should be held accountable.

So, this I agree with, on both sides of the aisle. What should be done about Fox News knowingly pushing this issue?

Just curious.