This Texting Lawsuit May Be The Epitome Of Male Entitlement
Tauriq Moosa

I have to give this article grudging respect even if the feminist commentary is over the top. He had no right to sue for a date which went badly.

However “fragile masculinity” just doesn’t sound right. What we have on this planet is predatory masculinity, and it’s as old as the human race itself. To my ears “fragile masculinity” is a group I proudly identify with, that is Wimps.

Predatory masculinity puts demands on all people who appear “weak”, including Wimps and women. The feeling of entitlement is in the stronger person’s expectation that the weaker party will submit, the outrage comes when the weaker person refuses to play along. The bulwark against predatory masculinity is strengthening civilization and that is a long work in progress.

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