How rivalry stimulates our creativity and makes our work better.

I’m writing this on a flight from Tokyo back to New York. A 12-hour flight is long enough to think and reflect about what I experienced in the amazing last five days of talks, creativity and fantastic ramen.

I came to Japan for the Awwwards Conference, to give a talk about Designing Like a Supervillain. It’s about Superheroes and their nemeses, order and chaos, the necessary tension between them, and how this can be extrapolated to the creative world. I hope people liked those stories and had a good time. I definitely enjoyed sharing them.

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A moment during my talk at Awwwards Conference in Tokyo on January 23, 2020

Speaking at an event like the Awwwards Conference is always a pretty fulfilling and eye-opening experience. Seeing all those speakers sharing their stories and fantastic work is very inspiring, but I particularly enjoy the moments in between the actual keynotes, sharing conversations with attendees and other folks in the industry. …


David Navarro

Designer & Full Time Supervillain / Executive Creative Director at ueno.

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