Is Water Soluble CBD better than CBD Oil?

I know that many folks are talking these days about CBD Oil and the thousands of folks being helped by it when mainstream cancer remedies are just not working or worse, doing more damage than they are helping.

I’ve heard the success stories and have been fighting my own battle with Reishi Spores and Ionic silver, with a modicum of success I might add.

Now there’s an alternative to vaping CBD or rectal applications (ugh) — It’s a product called TUNE with a Company called Global Life Sciences. It’s clinically proven to be absorbed 4X more readily. This product has a significant increase in absorption, speed of absorption, and functionality, based on unique water solubility technology. Formulation that facilitates and amplifies the activity of the overall formulation with synergistic activity related to the modulation of various beneficial genes in the body.

I’ve greened, I’ve Spored and I’ve Silvered and yeah, you guessed it — now i’m going to TUNE.

I’ve never got along with vaping devices, never could get the hang of it and all that. now I’ve got a modicum of fresh hope for a new weapon against this thing that just doesn’t belong in me. It ain’t mine, I don’t want it and It can’t stay!

Wish me luck or yeah, prayers are even better :-)


David and Dolores