Dental care for your little furry friend

Summary: Caring for dog in the right way is very necessary. Dental care forms an important part of the animal’s health care.

Your little furry animal is really very precious to you and you do care for that animal. There are numerous problems that are associated with the proper health care of your animal. Say for example if your dogs have a bad breath? Or if it’s teeth is not clean? That is the place when dental care of the dog comes into play. As per the statistics nearly 80 % of the dogs are prone to dental disease by the time they are nearly three years old. Now consider the case properly, your dog cannot say if it has a toothache which is why it is your responsibility to take and consider the necessary steps to keep its teeth clean and in shape. There are lots of steps which you should take to give the best possible care at home to control dental disease.

The right care of the puppy’s teeth

Most of us welcome the new canine member in our family right at 8 weeks of age. That is time when it has a mouth full of baby teeth which are sharp. Now it is certainly a great idea to get your little pup mouth properly examined as well as cleaned. Indulge it in some games which include opening his mouth to give a look at his teeth and sometimes give it a gentle rub with a toothbrush that is soft.

The temporary teeth usually fall out at nearly four months of age and new teeth develops at 7 months. That is the time why they need to be serious about dental care.

Care for adult dogs

In adult dog, dental care is easy. Take for example; if your dog smells bad then it surely requires your attention. If it is suffering from dental disease, then he may face trouble while eating food or he may drool.

That is the reason why it is very necessary to keep your pets teeth clean which is an important part of health care and dogs. There are different things which you can use for this purpose. Some of things that can be used are

Water Additives

Various types of water additives are available which can be mixed in your pet’s drinking water to effectively reduce and control tartar formation. They are one of the best preventative measures which should be introduced when your dog is very young.

Chews and bones

The practice of chewing can help to give your pet healthy teeth especially the premolars. Chewing meat often strengthens the teeth but chewing on bones can lead to fracturing the teeth. That is the reason why you do need to know properly what is best for your dos’s teeth. Medically approved products for chewing are ideal for your dog.

Appropriate diets for dental care

There are numerous foods which help in preventing formation of tartar. This diet helps in brushing the teeth mechanically given the reason they are made up of larger pieces. There are numerous diets which help in preventing dental diseases.

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