After reading several books on ancient history, I have realized that no nation stays dominant or powerful for long.

In 500 BC, the Persian Empire was considered the largest empire in the ancient world. There was a tiny kingdom at that time called Macedon, that was considered small and insignificant.

Around 350 BC however, Macedon under the leadership of Alexander the Great, defeated the Persian Empire and conquered several other nations as well. At this point in history, Rome was considered small and insignificant.

However by around 200 BC, the Roman Empire was considered the dominant superpower. Alexander’s Empire had broken into several smaller nations that had fought each other, and were by this stage declining in power. …

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Facebook is trying to create it’s own currency called Libra.

Libra has several meanings. In ancient Rome, it was a unit of weight, and would play a role in the pound being eventually created.

In the zodiac calendar however, Libra is often associated with balance.

And I believe that is what the new currency can achieve, more so than being just a unit of measurement.

If Facebook’s ambitious plan works, then all the people who do not have access to a bank account, but have a mobile phone, will be able to trade and work. …

Apparently in ancient Rome from the years 218 to 253, there were a total of 19 emperors or co-emperors (sometimes there were two emperors ruling together). Of these 19 rulers, 18 of them were either murdered, or killed in battle (the one guy who was smart enough to avoid being killed died of plague).

The turnover rate to be ruler over those 35 years was ridiculously high, yet one man after another kept fighting each other for the job due to greed for power.

And keep in mind that only the wealthiest and most powerful men in Rome were eligible to be emperor at this time. These were men who already had more than enough and everything anyone could want, yet they still risked it all just to be the ‘most powerful man’ in Rome for a few months, before they were killed. Sometimes the emotion of greed blocks out and prevents logical thought and rational analysis. …

I have been reading a lot of books on Eastern spirituality lately, and a common theme among them is that life is just a dream.

A lot of these books and writers point out when we wake from a dream, we are not attached to the people and objects we meet in the dream. We know the dream is temporary, and hence not real.

In the same way, we should not be attached to the people or objects we encounter in life, because life is just temporary as well. A lot of Eastern spiritual teachings emphasize that life is just one long dream. …

A simple description of the two styles

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When writing fiction, there are two main ways to write. There is plot-focused, and character-focused.

I have always been the type of writer that likes to concentrate on the plot. When I wrote my fiction book, I first made a plan for the plot. I jotted down on a piece of paper what would happen — what were the main events and turning points within the story. I had that set up as a guideline, and when I wrote I followed that plan.

I worked out the minor details as I wrote, and some of the major points in the plan got changed as the book started to take shape, but I had already established the overall plan which I followed. When I wrote the characters, they were made to fit into the plot. The characters were just a function of the plot, they were not the focus of my story. The plot was the focus of my story. There was very little if any character development that happened, and when/if it happened, it had to be squeezed within the confines of the plot. …

A lot of people complain about elections, and while I admit it is not perfect, I think it is good to remind ourselves that there are worse alternatives, such as the old fashioned monarchy or dynasty system.

While democratic elections do have some disasters, more often than not capable people with the right personality, training and experience are chosen. And on those occasions when the wrong person is elected, his term of office is only a few years and not for life.

On the other hand the old system of becoming the ruler of a country by inheriting the title, was much worse and fundamentally flawed. It led to a lot of unqualified and incompetent people gaining absolute and unchecked power just because of who their daddy was. People who you would not even trust to run a kitchen would be in charge of running a country. …

This is one common reason for bankruptcy

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I spent three years studying a Masters of Accounting and Masters of Finance. Unfortunately, a few months after graduating, I realized that being an accountant was not for me. My true passion was writing. So I left that career path. But the benefit of dedicating three years to studying that, was it gave me a lot of financial knowledge that most people do not have.

After my university days finished and I was trying to make my dreams as a writer come true, I met others who had dreams to run successful businesses. …

“Do not be attached to the results of your actions.”

This is a quote I read from the Bhagavad-Gita.

I first read the Bhagavad-Gita years ago, but was too young and naive to understand it back then. I still don’t completely understand it now, but think I understand it and its application a little better than when I was a child.

We live in a world where a lot of the time we are failing. One of my entrepreneur friends told me that 90% of the time he tries something it fails. …

I have a friend named ‘TEMUR’ that helps me create content. He is an imaginary friend, but sometimes when stuck for ideas, I think of ‘TEMUR’. Who is TEMUR? I will formally introduce you to him at the end, and you will be glad you met him.

But before we get to that, let’s look at the different reasons or objectives for creating content.

There are only 5 reasons content is created. All the content we create, whether it’s written, video or audio, only has 3 main objectives, and 2 less common objectives.

The 3 main reasons for creating content

We will look at the 3 most important reasons for creating content first. …

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A lot of people underestimate the effect advertising has on us.

Apple sells great products, but its founder Steve Jobs has also been referred to by many as one of the greatest marketers. …


David Davrod

Masters of Accounting, Masters of Finance, Bachelor Arts. Have also written 2 books on conversation skills, and 1 fiction book.

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