The Hitler-Livingstone Support for Zionism

Say hello to the new supporters of Zionism, Adolf Hitler and Ken Livingstone. This is not my theory, it is the theory of Ken Livingstone himself. He says “Hitler was supporting Zionism… Let’s remember when Hitler won his election in 1932, his policy then was that Jews (in Germany) should be moved to Israel”. Mr Livingstone could just as well have said “Arafat was supporting Zionism… Let’s remember when Arafat won his election in 1996, his policy then was that Jews (in Palestine) should be moved to Israel”. Both statements are equally valid, he just happened to say “Hitler”. He could also have said “I support Zionism… since Arafat won his election in 1996, my policy has been that Jews (in Palestine) should be moved to Israel”. There is no doubt that this is a fact. He is not referring to the regular support for Zionism, that Churchill and Einstein gave, he is coining a new type of support for Zionism. In order to keep them apart I will call them the “Churchill-Einstein” vs. “Hitler-Livingstone” support for Zionism, respectively. This article will not discuss the definition of Zionism, which can be studied here, only the Hitler-Livingstone support for it.

There are several famous cases of Hitler-Livingstone support for Zionism. Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, expressed Hitler-Livingstone support for Zionism when he said “If they (Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide”. Another example of Hitler-Livingstone support happened in Iraq, after the establishment of Israel in 1948. Jews were persecuted and forbidden to leave the country until March 1950, when prime minister Nuri Al-Said in a powerful expression of Hitler-Livingstone support for Zionism, allowed Jews to emigrate to Israel, provided they gave up their citizenship and possessions. So strong was Al-Said’s support for Zionism that he summoned a representative of the Jewish community and warned the Jewish community of Baghdad to make haste to move to Israel; otherwise, he would take the Jews to the borders himself. There are many more examples of Hitler-Livingstone support for Zionism.

Mr Livingstone stands side by side with Binyamin Netanyahu in suggesting it was Hitler’s original intention to expel the jews to Israel, though Netanyahu will not agree with the Hitler-Livingstone definition of support for Zionism. There they go irrevocably apart and there is for sure no love lost between them. A more staunch backer of Hitler-Livingstone support for Zionism is Robert Faurisson, the revisionist historian who, unlike Livingstone, claims the Holocaust is made up by “the Jewish and Zionist propaganda machine” and that the gas chambers never existed. “Hitler sought merely to achieve a “final territorial solution to the Jewish question”. The court historians systematically erase the cumbersome adjective “territorial” he writes, continuing “Hitler, in reality, wanted to see a territory reserved for the Jews”. Faurisson is acquainted with the circles around the Iranian leadership, who have invited him to lecture, picked up on his theories and have been supporting the movement of European revisionist historians to which Faurisson belongs. Mr Livingstone has his own connections to the same Iranian circles, having his own talk-show on Press TV, a channel launched by president Mahmoud Ahmanidenjadh in 2007, who often made a point to make a stand for Holocaust denial, though Mr Livingstone has not.

I hope that I have in this article explained the Hitler-Livingstone support Zionism well enough to help avoid confusing it with the Churchill-Einstein type of support for Zionism.