Do the right thing!

So I stepped in to this taxi and seated behind me as a dude I did not pay much attention to.

A few yards into our journey, the guy tells the taxi driver he would like to alight. Naturally, the driver is supposed to pullover properly but the dude insisted that he wanted to stop immediately. The driver replied by telling the guy to be patient while he(the driver) pulled over.

The dude would have none of that. He insisted that he needed to stop and this is how the conversation went:

Driver: Oga, please let me clear well.

Dude: Abeg(please), stop me here.

Driver: Oga I can’t stop you here, them go hold me (he was referring to the Road transport workers positioned at various places).

Dude: Nobody can hold you here, I’m a force man.

By this time, the driver had pulled over and the dude was out of the car. I really wanted to call him to order but it was useless then but it got me wondering how certain privileges cause us to disregard authority and certain laws.

It’s quite sad.

Attitudes like this make police officers stay on the road and take egunje (bribe); make police drivers race against traffic; make company executives favor close ties over competence when employing. Yet once any part of the system is questioned, we quickly declare “it’s this government”.

The slave mentality requires that someone else takes initiative and responsibility of your actions.

I saw this quote and wondered why we brag that we’re a free from slavery when actually slavery runs through our veins.

We all owe our society the duty of doing the right thing even when it seems painful.