Tony Robbins Business Mastery: Not just a F*<%!NG Guru!

Last year I was listening to Nathan Chan of the Foundr Podcast, mentioning the difficulty of getting another certain business leader on his show. It was due to scheduling conflicts, and most recently the sought-after speaker had rescheduled because he had an opportunity to drive a Ferrari on the Artic Circle. That was the moment introducing me to Tony Robbins, and I was immediately intrigued.

Listening to the rest of the Foundr episode, I learned about a man genuinely wanting to create better lives for billions of people. You read that right, a BILLION. Through Tony’s nonprofit,, he plans on feeding a billion people by 2020 with the help of Ambuj Jain. They got a jump start by giving 100% of the proceeds generated from Robbins’ new book, MONEY: Master the Game to feed people in need.

At that point, I was hooked. I subscribed to the Tony Robbins Research International email marketing list, listened to countless podcast interviews and read a plethora of articles. I quickly learned he gives back in more ways than through philanthropic missions; he contributes to the human race in a myriad of ways.

Through some networking and stars alignment, a magical invitation came my way from Gordon, Tony’s nephew. He invited my family to attend the Palm Springs Documentary Film Festival for an exclusive viewing of Joe Berlinger’s ‘I Am Not Your Guru’ (a Netflix Film), with Tony in attendance for this behind the scenes look into his multimillion dollar business helping thousands of people.

Once you get over the strategic use of fuck, in his dialog, there is real substance to ponder.

After being touched by Tony’s message through numerous mediums, I knew I had to attend one of his life-changing events; the only struggle for me was deciding which one. After much deliberation, I decided to attend the August 2016 five-day Business Mastery Event in Las Vegas.

Imagine taking life too seriously, forgetting how to enjoy it and letting the small things go. If you close your eyes and think about your business and all the stress of daily life as an entrepreneur, I’m sure you can relate to the state of mind I was in while heading to the event.

At first, it was hard for me to let go and enjoy the momentous occasion.

Once I looked past the numerous sales pitches (and there were plenty throughout the week), I was able to surrender all of my self-imposed limiting mental beliefs.

Then the breakthrough happened. There was jumping, cheering, clapping, singing, and high fives! Yes, I felt like a kid again, a kid that had no worries, no limiting beliefs or self-doubt. Kids have no fear! I connected with my inner child in a way I didn’t know I could.

Sounds like blabbering mumbo-jumbo?

Well, it’s a revival of life! I witnessed Tony transform people right before my eyes.

I watched a man who took back his strength with his wife by his side; she became his number one cheerleader for their future. She got back the husband she married, and he got back the confident woman that he vowed to love for the rest of his life.

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