Standing Rock Reveals the True Colors of Both the Media and the Democratic Party
Tony Brasunas

Not all media was silent, CNN and MSNBC were putting out report’s about what was taking place. While it’s true that the president and democratic politicians by and large didn’t talk about it much. Things clearly were happening in the background….. And in social media the majority of those expressing outrage over how the Standing Rock protesters were being treated were progressive democrats. Quote from the article — “ For now, it’s no mystery why Democratic leaders don’t stand with Standing Rock. They don’t want to shake the boat, even though their boat is sinking”.

Ok, if that was true, then who convinced the Army Corp to stop work on the pipeline ? Paul Ryan ? Mitch McConnell ? James Inoff ? Donald Trump ? Come on now…. I was just as frustrated by the lack of outrage being expressed by the majority of the media ( left or right ) and by the fact that the president and most democratic politicians really didn’t address it publically. But to try and use a broad brush to try and condemn them all based on politics ? What’s to be gained by that ?

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