The people you meet

I have traveled around the world, lived in different countries, different places. A lot of people ask me what is the most interesting thing about the different cities I have been to. The answer is always the same: the people.

In life we meet a bunch of new people, some we remember some we don’t, some we stick too forever, some others just for a while. We, as humans, are impressionable.

People leave an impression on us.

Even if don’t notice it, other people influence our lives, some for better some for the worse.

Their opinions, attitudes, habits, ways of life stick in us. Sometimes we desire to be like them, some others we swear never to be like them. But in the end, every person we meet helps us know ourselves better.

Learn to listen.

Never be afraid to meet new people. Be wise enough to listen to others and learn from them. Be open to getting to know other cultures, new ways speaking, eating, dreaming, praying, living.

Don’t fear going out of your comfort zone. Let good people leave a good impression on you, and after some year, maybe, just maybe, you will leave an impression on someone else.

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