The Left is Devouring Itself Over Trump-Russia

As the Trump-Russia scandal continues to unfold, an ever-widening gap between how different factions on the left see the story continues to grow, and it’s really not a good thing for liberals.

Skirmishes between liberals about what the story means and how it’s been covered can be found all over Twitter, Reddit, in Youtube comments and just about anywhere else you can imagine. It’s a battle that’s been raging for months now, and it’s getting out of hand.

So let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly the issues of contention are, what are different arguments and positions and what makes sense and what doesn’t.

Some on the left seem to be hesitant to acknowledge the seriousness of the Trump-Russia scandal because they believe it takes away from the narrative that Bernie Sanders was screwed by the DNC during the 2016 primary. It seems these people are worried about the narrative being flipped so that now, the DNC are just the victims and won’t be held accountable.

But the fact that Bernie Sanders was wronged and cheated by the DNC and that the Trump-Russia story is very real and very serious are not mutually exclusive. Even if you believe that the DNC has got somewhat of a free pass because Trump-Russia has overshadowed that story, that in it of itself is no reason not take the story seriously, and consider it on its own terms.

Another reason some on the left seem to want to dismiss Trump-Russia has to do with the belief that Bernie would have beaten Trump, and Hillary’s loss was predictable and entirely her own fault. Therefore, if they accept that Russian interference made any impact on the election, it weakens their argument because it opens up the possibility that Hillary could have won anyway. In some way, they believe that the Trump-Russia scandal excuses the defeat of Hillary Clinton.

But this is also simply not true. There’s no reason why we can’t acknowledge that Hillary Clinton was a seriously flawed candidate and should have won the election anyway, while also acknowledging the seriousness of the Trump administration’s misconduct throughout the scandal.

Weather or not Russian interference flipped the election is hardly even what the scandal is about at this point. The lies, the obstruction, the abuse of power on the part of Trump and his administration are so bad at this point that to not take take them seriously does the entire country a disservice.

Lastly, many people on the left seem to believe that focusing too much on Russia distracts from the the “real issues.” I agree, insofar as the left needs issues to to build a platform on for 2018 and 2020. But again, that doesn’t mean Trump-Russia isn’t a real scandal that needs to be investigated and taken very seriously.

The Trump-Russia scandal deserves to be considered on its own merits, outside of the context of the tension between factions of the left. At this point, it’s just impossible to overlook the gravity of the situation and pretend like nothing going on.