Stop should-ing on yourself
Laurence McCahill

Nice question. The to-do list is not the enemy. But how intentional and internally connected are the items we put on there?

Noticing and dropping the “shoulds” helps because any “should” is a mental projection that pushes us away from our real inner Self, where all our best stuff comes from. Our truest self has no Shoulds.

So for me, the essential step is simply making space for my inner Self to come out, every day. I do this in the morning with a few practices, before I do any work for anyone else. Then the activities related to my real contribution emerge and they get on my to do list. And during the day I am better connected to myself so I can feel where my real energy is in the moment and follow that.

If we are willing to make the space even our to-do list can become an authentic expression of our deepest, highest, wisest, most creative, expansive and energized Self. :)

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