How to lock your guitar strings in place so they always stay in tune… Even if you don’t have locking tuners

1 First set each tuning head so that the hole is facing down the neck — this will make it quicker and easier
 to install the new strings.

2 Starting from the E string on the bass side of the guitar — pull each string through the bridge.

3 Take the E string and place it through the tuning peg hole

4 Pull the string taught so there is little or no slack in the string

5 Make sure that the string is seated in the correct position on the guitar nut

6 Holding the string taught, take your index finger and firmly press the string down on the first fret

If you prefer to watch instead of read… click here to watch the tutorial video

7 With your other hand — take the end of the string your holding taught and make one wrap around the
 tuning peg.

8 While still holding the string taught, now loop the string underneath itself and pull it over top of itself
 creating a small crimp in the string. This locks the string in place.

9 Being to wind the string, making sure the new winds are above the crimp — covering it and locking it
 into place.

10 Cut off the excess string at the top of the tuning peg with wire cutters.
 Repeat the process for each string — then tune the guitar — then stretch your strings.

Pro Tip: If your guitar has a string tree — be sure that the b and e strings are underneath the string tree as well as seated properly in the nut before you tighten the string all the way.

It won’t feel right or keep pitch if it’s not under the string tree.

It may be easier to keep those string underneath the string tree by getting one or two wraps around the tuning peg — so from step hold the string in place so it’s seated in the nut — tighten the string about half way and then force the string down underneath the string tree. When there is no tension on the string
 sometimes it’s hard to get those strings to stay in place under the string tree.

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