Is a free screen recording tool better than a paid one? I’ve included the link the free one …

I was first introduced to Loom about a year ago — Loom is a free screen recording tool. It plugs directly into google chrome — you must use chrome to record video with it — but you can also record your desktop once you’ve started the recording.

Check out yourself here:

It also has an option to show yourself in the screen capture in the bottom left hand corner of the screen via a webcam.

While Loom is relatively lite, compare to a software like Camtasia, I’ve found myself preferring to use it, ever over other free paid tools because of the simplicity of it.

It’s right there ready to go whenever I’m using Chrome, and it’s a one click setup for everything.

The video are hosted for free in Loom’s platform, and you can either download them or share a direct link to the video. Though there is a time limit on how long the video will be hosted, until you fully unlock your account — more on this in just a moment…

You can also share a direct link to the video, which is an absolutely fantastic feature because it lets you know when someone has watched the video.

I find that to be very useful, especially if I’m sending out a training video, a video to a client, or someone who works on my team because I can see exactly when they watched the video and how much of the video they watched.

It makes meetings and following up easier.

It also fully integrates with google drive, drop box, and a few dozen other apps if you want to store and share your videos using them.

The only slight downside to Loom is it can take a while to fully unlock your free account. When you first create an account, you have the option to share a link and get others to sign up for their own Loom account. You need three people to do this to fully unlock all of the features. Though you only need three for full access to the platform it is slightly inconvenient to wait.

If you have a multiple google emails, and they are synced to one another so you can seamlessly switch between accounts… Loom will recognize this, so you can’t create 3 of your own accounts without switching to a different email platform.

After three accounts have been created with your link you can earn up to $10 in loom credits for their store if you get two more people to create an account — a total of 5 people creating an account using your Loom link.

All in all, Loom is not Camtasia, but it’s also not $250. If you’re just looking for a super light screen recorder it’s perfect — plus it’s free.

If you want to check out Loom, you can do so here, via my referral link.