“The list of negatives are so long that it could undo the Mahabharata”

Many people arent aware of the term brain drain, so I will be giving you guys a brief introduction before delving in deeper to this concept.

  • Brain drain is when a highly intelligent/ intellectual individual migrates to a country that satisfies his expectations pertaining to his academic education and the resources that he finds is possibly lacking in homeland. There are many notions regarding this conspiracy and majority of them are pointing towards the developing countries such as India.
  • India has been in extruciating turmoil lately with a drastic increase in the amount of students that are going abroad for higher studies and serves as a wake-up call for them to enhance their technology and boost their assests for those talented ones that seeking to attain greater heights in their impending future. Every person has that one smart friend that is too lazy to study and acts like a lethargic dog. This directly correlates to all the competitive exams that triggers the students dedication to perform better due to this tradition all the creative people seem to be lagging behind. India needs to step up their game.
  • This practice also imposes threat for the government regarding job apllicants, they slowly are losing their potential doctors, engineers and have seen a stern decrease in number of jobs. Indian is now facing this obscure conundrum of having to import, i guess all the chinese labour for high tech projects so that the multinationals companies can parachute their indian origin executive to run subsidiaries here.

India is standing on a tight rope as of now and should encourage themselves indulge more of their economy for the people and work towards organizing the disorganized country.

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