India Just Flew Past Us in the Race to E-Cash
Lauren Razavi

India is a developing country and took this step to resolve the menace of the circulation of black money in hopes of finding an antidote to this dispute. This intiative towards radical change has caused a lot of ambiguities pertaining to the general public and has stimulatd a lot exciting controveries and discussions.

In my opinion, The government should have given atleast a warning or some sort of a notice to the citizens few days prior to this demonization scheme. I have witnessed people partaking themselves into these long, stacked, ill-formed queues without any chance of escaping. I clearly remember people reaction the day this was announced welcoming the idea with open arms. But next day, when people started to function into the real world. Things got real very fast. The public started showing their discomfort as they only depended on their obsolete cash and were taken aback by this change. Such discomposure directly translated to people participating in seditious protrest and the numereous politicians raising their concerns via social media.

But the reason why I think this will be a disaster because india people are equipped with this raw mentality that they always try to find alternative ways (jugad) to answer their questions.

There sems to be no way out of this quandary.