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Powerball fever is rampant again as the jackpot nears a billion. It’s fun to fantasize about suddenly being awarded an unspeakable amount of money.

I’d argue you’re already rich. And while that may sound like some contrived bullshit, consider…

If I won Powerball, I would [insert activities here] every day
Just imagine, you have nothing but time! No need to earn money, so that leaves time to pursue all those hobbies you’ve been missing out on: master an instrument, golf Pebble Beach, learn a language. The possibilities are endless.

I’m not sitting on a pile of money, yet I find time every week to: garden, take a guitar lesson with my daughter, practice guitar, cook yummy food (I enjoy it), discover new music, play tennis on weekends, read, and go to the gym (OK, not as much as I should). All while running a business and raising a family. Brag much? Not my point. In total, I probably spend 20 hours a week on those activities. I’ve learned to hobby within my limits by ensuring I actually enjoy those things with the time and budget I have. Guitar? 15 minutes a day. Garden? Maybe an hour a week. I’ve designed it so the time I spend on each activity fulfills my interest in them — and I accept that I won’t master them, but enjoy them. I don’t care that I’ll never cook like Gordon Ramsey, I just enjoy the process. …

A divided nation. Our first orange president. Prince, David Bowie and too many celebrity deaths to mention. Then again, it wasn’t all bad. I’m grateful for each day I got to wake up and discover amazing new music. For your consideration…(in no particular ranking, but sort of ranked. Kind of.)

1. Rogue Wave, Delusions of Grand Fur

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2013’s Nightingale Floors is by far my favorite Rogue Wave release, so I was excited after the three year wait when Delusions of Grand Fur hit Spotify. …

The debate of whether UX/UI designers should learn to code has been going on for over a decade. If you Google it, you’ll get countless arguments on either side.

So why did I decide to write about it? What opinion could I offer that hasn’t been waxed poetically on already?

Well, it’s pretty simple: if you’re a designer who feels pressured to learn code and you dread the idea or tried to learn but were frustrated, then don’t do it. …


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