The one thing small business owners straggle with.

One of the richest man in the world once said if he had two dollars left he would spend one on PR. Why is it that rich people and successful business owner are so conscious about PR? I’m sure someone is saying “good PR” How about no PR at all? Would you rather have bad PR or no PR at all?

Small business owner have a great heart for people they are doing what they love and are passionate about and making a decent amount of money. They know their brand and name needs to be out growing and getting more attention, and they don’t know how do it. They only want positive attention, and sometimes even positive attention will still get you in trouble. Jesus Christ was a great man, He did not have a single hair of evilness, if you have gone to church at least once you know he got killed. How can an angel like that get killed without doing anything bad? What I’m trying to say is people will not like you and some people will even hate you. Does that mean you will stop doing what you love? A wise man once said “To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing” If you don’t want to be criticized I would suggest you stop reading this right now and say the least NEVER START A BUSINESS that’s right never start a business or do anything meaningful.

One has to get attention if it wants success or whatever they want in life, first you have to get attention, you want to date or marry the perfect person you have to get attention and in order to get it you have to do or say something extraordinary you have to stand up over the crowd. Let’s use the example about dating the perfect person, you have to strike a conversation with that person you have to create some type of attention to attract her/him, even if you get rejected you still created some type of attention in that person. If someone is criticizing you that means you are doing something right, keep doing it.

So, in business is like that you have to create attention any type of attention will work in your benefit, you can try to please everyone but you won’t come off as authentic and in the way the world is people are starving for authenticity. Don’t be afraid to piss someone off, don’t be afraid to get embarrassed, and don’t be afraid to making a fool of yourself. Like I said earlier if you don’t want criticism say nothing do nothing and be nothing. I’m going to tell you to be extraordinary and go out there and get attention get ton of attention because that will help you grow. The last words I’m going to say is GET ATTENTION!!!!!!!

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