It’s 2016 And We’re Total Prudes Compared To Our Horny Ancestors
Dose Staff

AH yes.. Christianity is “Loosening its strangle hold on society”.. Christianity is to blame for Puritanical attitudes the world over… uh… nope..

Oh, dont get me wrong, Quakers, devout Catholics, devout Jewish, may preach about sex before marriage as “evil”, and any woman ( usually not aimed at men, so yea, that is sexist ) who engages in sex before marriage is considered a whore. That part of society that view sex like THAT, has been out of favor for 50 yrs or more. You still have pockets of resistance spread world wide, but mostly that is long past.

What HAS been preached lately is simply sexual responsibility. Abortions are done millions of times a year around the globe.. no consequence to that action ? none ?? simply an “Oops, need to kill this baby, it will be to much of an inconvenience in my life”.??. just playing Devils Advocate.. you cant have it all one way, without ramifications. Abortion due to incest, rape, or a severe medical/life threatening condition.. those go without saying. But just abortions as matters of convenience, that still has a genuine moral, not even religious, just purely moral objectionable issues surrounding it. But what about sexual diseases ?? many Third world cultures lack both the education about using methods to prevent them (sexual diseases ) along with access to birth control methods. Large portions of Africa, have rape as the “norm”, and widespread Aids is rampant because of it. You still have Tribal elders who “take it upon themselves” to introduce young girls to their first encounter with sex, as being part of their heritage. Uh.. f*ck no ??? And then there is the physical capacity here on earth, that this planet has a “limit” of people it can support with current and future technologies. We may already have passed that, and it just takes a century or two to catch up to us. We have never stopped starvation, and our numbers only increase. Sex isnt JUST about how great we feel about it. It carries a LOT of extraneous ramifications the article simply ignores.

Hey, I am all for lots n lots of sex. But….just going “crazy”, not seeing the bigger picture around what can happen because of RECKLESS sex, isnt doing anyone any good.

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