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I’m sorry to say I’m not moved by this story . Americans are themselves to blame for the awful choice of potential presidential candidates . People are naive , comlacent , ignorant ; over years have allowed proper democracy to be replaced by a totaly corrupt political establishment , ruled by Wall Street , Banker , Neocons , Lobbyists and Zionists , who are only self interested . Hilary Clinton is part of that establishment , who promises to continue where Obama leaves off ; not content with her failues as secretary of state , she would continue the war agains Assad , even if it very likely risked war with Russia WWIII . Americans should be aware that even if they have the most sophisticated weapons and nuclear arsenal ; they are no longer immune to nuclear attack from Russia . The US is 19trillion in debt , perhaps fighting wars is the only way to keep the profitble arms industry going , but at what cost . The US has had 8yrs of disastrous Bush presidency , the Iraq war for WMD that were not there , war in Afghanistan initially to find Osam Bin Laden . We have just suffered 8yrs of Obama ; the failed Arab Spring in Egypt , the Distruction of Libya and assasination of Gaddafi , the US proxy war in Syria against Assad , for spurious reasons nothing to do with cruel dictator , genocide or chemical weapons , but a pipeline from Qatar to Europe that Assad refused to facilitate . The choice of candidate for presidential election was not between two worthy honourable men or women ; but between effectively two TURDS and the American people have voted for the one they thought smelt less putrid . Trump won because people are sick of being governed by a corrupt establisment that only serves the 1% at the disadvantage of a major part of the population . Trump also may stop the animosity toward Russia , that is poisoning all international relations . I personally see the US as Geopolitical World Enemy №1 ; that cannot be good for the future , or making America Great again .

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