How to host for a friend from out of town when your are in your 30's

1. Clean the house

It’s important to take care the common areas. Vacuum, mop, and dust. This will give comfort to your friend as they arrive from the discomforts of airline travel. Offer them to freshen up in your restroom. Not the common household one. Yeah, yours. Because you clean yours much more frequently than the other one. It’s in your self interest, amiright?

2. Get a lot food and booze.

Go to your favorite grocery story and get some great meat. I mean the kind of meat for special occasions. Your friend probably just ate some horrible airport fast food from a poorly conceived food court. Treat your friend, to a proper meal. He or she would be hungry for real vegetables, fruit, and meat. By the way, they will be thirsty without knowing it. Give them a nice ice cold glass of water.

As far as booze goes: six pack of craft beer, three bottles of somewhat cheap wine, and good ole fashion bourbon. Maybe they want a dark and storm or sangria. You’re ready to be there with a large fussy ice cube in a glass and bourbon.

3. Stream Movie Trailers

I don’t know about you, but my wife and I love watching movie trailers. They are bite size yummy movies. We don’t get to go the movies too often. Too much to do, too little of time. And we have a needy dog. So I suggest to watch to trailers. Exhaust the entire American Hollywood big blockbusters, and then go to the indies and international ones. Once you’re ready watch something, you can finally relax.

Think about it. They are winding down too! That means they are getting sleepy. You’re getting sleepy. Once they are dozing off, call it a night. Because you have a party, boozing, or exciting things to do tomorrow. Get some sleep.

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