Tech companies have the makings of a future government that will rule the world one day, there’s enough evidence already. It’s no coincidence the most powerful companies in the world are tech companies.

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No government, political movement or religious organization compares to the might of tech companies. Tech is only one step away from world sovereignty and the only thing standing in the way is government regulation which will soon be overhauled, cryptocurrency is already outside government regulation.

In the book Zero to one by Peter Thiel he expresses the notion of making vertical progress versus horizontal “ if you take a typewriter and build 100 typewriters you’ve made horizontal progress but if you take a typewriter and build a word processor you’ve made vertical progress.” …

For many years we thought the earth was at the center of the universe, only for science to reveal how little we know of mother earth, let’s call her by her astronomical definition — our host celestial body.

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From our point of view it’s easy to be short-sighted, we see, feel and experience reality strictly at our scale therefore making us believe our perspective matters the most. …

Where are African scientists? Will we ever read of a black Nicholas Copernicus, Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton in the history books?

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We live in a world without African thought leadership in science let alone technological innovation. Something is missing and that is science through an African microscope. Our experience of science is and has been through the western lens, Africa is known as the birthplace of the human story and yet its people have no known significant contribution to science.

Pre-colonialism, Africa had its own frameworks of science which were labelled as witchcraft and magic. …


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