Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

I cannot believe that 2018 has come and gone, it is crazy how quickly time moves when you’re busy doing things you love and spending time with loved ones. I’m so grateful for all the amazing experiences that I get to share with you all.

Community Ventures 🤘

The year started off with speaking at South Florida Code Camp, and it is hard to believe how many developers they have attend their code camp — it’s incredible. If you have a chance to visit Florida in February, I highly suggest attending (or speaking at) this event. February continued with another speaking engagement, this…

I’m often approached by people online (or after talks) that ask a common question.

How can I become a Microsoft MVP?

The answer is rather simple, do what you love. If you love software development and you have a passion for sharing your knowledge and experiences, there is a chance that you might be able to earn this recognition.

I had a conversation where someone told me that they spoke at a meetup once and they were disappointed that they didn’t become a Microsoft MVP for doing so. …


I am returning home from a long trip in Serbia for IT Konekt. This was literally a trip of a lifetime and I could not be more grateful for such an amazing opportunity. Serbia has such an incredible culture and powerful history. I have been overwhelmed by the care and attention to detail from the organizers of IT Konekt. This was my first time ever leaving the United States of America and I didn’t know what to expect. I was really nervous but equally excited. This was more of a journey of epic proportions than it was a conference trip. |

I’ve been involved with the interviewing process for my employer, Centare for a few years now. I have been fortunate to interview so many amazingly talented people. Every individual brings a unique set of skills and problem solving capabilities, and among all these differences there is one thing that remains the same that has helped me understand their skills. I refer to it as ML-TL or Most/Least and Teach/Learn. I’m certain that this interviewing tactic can be applied to other industries, but as a disclaimer — I interview developers.


When interviewing someone to join the team, we’re always looking for…

If you’ve attended any of the previous MKE DOT NET conferences, you are an official part of history. I know that you’ve learned something and you were inspired by keynote speakers Robert Martin, Scott Hanselman, and Maria Naggaga. We look forward to continuing to provide you with opportunities for inspiration and learning however, there is a new name for the long-standing technical conference that was once known as MKE DOT NET. Welcome to Cream City Code!

I am so thankful to be a part of the MVP program. Being a Microsoft MVP means that I’m invited to attend the MVP Global Summit in Redmond, WA (USA). The MVP Summit is an amazing chance to network with the leaders in Microsoft technologies space and meet new friends in the industry who share my passions. This year was extra special, as it was the 25th anniversary and it was my first time ever attending. Yes, the MVP program started all the way back in 1993 — it’s crazy when you think about it.

As a follow up to my “How to organize an amazing technical conference” post, I wanted to share a review of the MKE DOT NET 2017 event from an organizer’s perspective. It all starts with a lot of preparation and planning, and a team of passionate people who all want the same thing — in this case it was an amazing technical conference close to home! I’m proud to communicate that we have achieved that goal, and as my friend Steve Hicks says…

Saturday was f**king amazing. We absolutely killed it.

Speaker Dinner

The speaker dinner was a blast! Third Space Brewing

I presented at Chicago JS on TypeScript back in June. A beginner who attended later sent me an email asking for advice on getting into development.

If there is one thing that I learned along the way, it’s that others might benefit from knowledge sharing. So rather than simply replying to their email with my thoughts, I figured I’d post them here for others to consume.

As an Technical Evangelist, what advice are you able to provide for beginners becoming full-stack developers?

Becoming a full-stack developer isn’t something that I’d recommend. At least not initially…there are so many different aspects…

David is an inspiration to so many in the developer community that he needs to be put in the “Community Spotlight”! In fact, David has been actively placing others in this spotlight for a long time now. The fact that he continues to pay it forward and praise others is reason enough to celebrate David and all his efforts.

In case you missed it, here is a listing of all the spotlights he has shone:

When David isn’t actively celebrating…

Image result for typescript logo

TypeScript is Microsoft’s silencer to all the colorful language you hear coming from the JavaScript developer community! The static-typing and language services make it a logical choice for those who aren’t afraid to rely on an IDE. Unless you’re comfortable slinging vanilla JS in a non-intelligent text editor, TypeScript might be something you should consider.

I have been quoted saying:

TypeScript makes JavaScript tolerable!

I recently tweeted about a simple scenario I was investigating and was called a “fanboy” by my friend Chris DeMars.

Yes, I am absolutely a “fanboy” because I do not have time to sling JavaScript…

David Pine

H5d, F4r, I11l Speaker, 2x Microsoft MVP, @GoogleDevExpert, @CreamCityCode Organizer, @FallExperiment Track Lead, 👨‍💻@Microsoft, @DotNETFdn M4r, ♥️@TypeScript

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