5 Steps to Complete LinkedIn Profile Makeover

A LinkedIn Profile Makeover is one of the best ways to optimize your profile on LinkedIn to the latest trends and eventually get more views. This will immensely help you to obtain more interviews and job opportunities by engaging those potential employers and clients depending on your field of work.

However, to make sure that your profile is totally renewed from scratch, there are certain steps you will have to follow in order to avoid mistakes and wrong information. By doing this, you will make sure that your profile complies with the latest trends on profile makeovers and that it ends up looking as professional as possible.

Take a look further to find out more about the 5 Essential steps to make if you want to completely makeover your LinkedIn profile.

5 Essential Steps to Achieve a LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Want to completely reconstruct your LinkedIn profile by following the latest trends and optimizing your exposure? Make sure to take into account the following steps and you will easily renew your profile to the highest quality possible:

  1. Create a Strategy

Before starting to completely create a totally renewed LinkedIn profile you will need to have an idea of what you want to do. And what better for this than making a plan? Create your own strategic plan for your profile, make sure you take into account your goals and desires, plus your future ideas alongside your skills and work experience.

By doing this you will create your own brand, increase your network capabilities, attract more recruiters and eventually increase your chances of having the job or work of your dreams.

2. Optimize your Information

Want to know what makes a LinkedIn profile achieve more views? SEO optimization. Yes, using the right SEO keywords depending on your skills, trajectory, expertise and value as a professional, you are more likely to increase your exposure and make more people look your profile. This will immensely increase your chances of being hired and eventually increase your success.

Make sure you can gather as much information as you can, make a summary of your own professional life, improve your headlines, change your skills depending on SEO and put your accomplishments into work. This will make you a better option for anyone.

3. Take a Wonderful Profile Picture

Do you know what is also very important on a LinkedIn profile? The use of the right profile picture. By taking a professionally looking profile picture that portrays reliability, honesty, and most importantly, your personality; you will be increasing the likelihood of being contacted by recruiters and potential employers.

Take into account the most important details of others profile pictures and take a wonderful photo of yours that looks professional and clean. This will increase your opportunities a lot!

4. Portray your Personality in the Profile

Want to know what else do recruiters and employers appreciate on a LinkedIn profile? Honesty and reliability. If you know how to portray your personality in a professional way, you are more likely to engage and make people more likely to fall for what you have to offer. Make sure you create an engaging summary and improve the tone and style of your writing.

By doing this you will increase your chances of being hired, as most people like when professionals are sincere, honest and can be people to rely on. Don’t ever lie on your profile and make sure your personality is shown!

5. Avoid Making Information Mistakes

If there’s something that most recruiters and employers hate are dishonest and insincere professionals. If you show unverifiable or untrusted information on your profile, you are very likely to get ignored. People don’t like dishonesty, and when it comes to LinkedIn, it makes a very important detail to take into account.

Avoid portraying anything people can get confused with or just decrease your credibility. Make sure everything is in the right place and that all your information is sincere, honest and verifiable, so potential recruiters and employers won’t look away from your profile.

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