Why Austin is the Best Real Estate Investment City in America

via flickr by Mark Moz

Recently Forbes ranked the top real estate investment cities in America for 2016, and Austin was no. 7 behind: Grand Rapids, MI, Orlando, San Antonio, Charlotte, Salt Lake City, and Dallas. Amidst complex metrics used to come to this conclusion, the most important criteria to make the list were a population over 600,000, a booming employment market, and the possibilities for home price appreciation.

Now, seventh in the entire nation is certainly nothing to be ashamed of, and we’re not going to sit here and argue withForbes’ calculations, but let’s be honest — is there a city in the top six you’d prefer living in than Austin?

Grand Rapids, MI: Freezing cold, and so far from everything in this country you might as well live in Canada.
Orlando: Devoid of culture and only consists of mini-malls, and something even worse, Disney World.
San Antonio: A pretty cool place, but is it as cool as Austin? Let’s be serious.
Charlotte: All it is is banks and mass-produced tract housing colonies. Trust me, I lived there.
Salt Lake City: Beautiful, but no cultural diversity.
Dallas: Don’t Dallas my Austin, ok.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m biased. Well, maybe I am, and maybe you are too. So, let’s take our Austin pride out of the equation and look at it objectively. Is there a city in the US overall with a better reputation, a more invigorating cultural explosion, a cooler vibe than Austin? (Portland and Brooklyn could be argued, but they’re not on the real estate investment list.)

Interestingly, Forbes also listed the top ten coolest cities in America, and Austin was #3 behind Washington, DC (that choice is confusing), and Seattle, neither of which had significant positions in ranked cities for real estate investment. So, if you take both lists and consider the cool factor alongside the investment factor, Austin is the top real estate investment city in America. It’s a place where you can live a cultured, urbane, yet laid-back, low-stress lifestyle, and still make money so you don’t have to live in debt. You can retire and not have any worries. Not to mention, it’s a place with great international food, strong cultural diversity, and a local culture that is distinct from everywhere else.

Austin is weird. But, not so weird that it’s broke (like New Orleans).

Just kidding, New Orleans. We love you!