How can Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner and close to presumptive nominee lose five of the six last contests? Doesn’t that suggest the race could somehow be changing and Bernie Sanders now has a shot?


In fact, Hillary Clinton has strengthened her hold on the nomination in the most recent contests. Because for every state that holds a contest, more delegates come off the board, and the percentage of remaining delegates Sanders has to win grows larger. The hill Bernie Sanders has to climb becomes more and more steep. Like a sheer, rock cliff.

Ok you say. We get that Clinton has built a strong delegate lead. But she should be able to close this out with more strength, winning the vast majority of the remaining states. And if she doesn’t, it shows weakness for the general election. …

Over the last decade, I have consumed about as much political research as anyone in the world. And good political research, like good business research, yields the most insights when it’s not about politics or business but simply getting the best understanding of how people are living their lives, their challenges and aspirations. What that research showed, universally and unequivocally, is that most people in America say they have too little money and too little time, and the two are closely connected. And they’d like more control of both.

Uber and platforms like it helps solve for both of these pain points. Lately, there has been a growing debate about the future of work and the people engaging in flexible and freelance work through the sharing economy and on-demand platforms. …

Eight years ago, then-Senator Barack Obama told the crowd at the Iowa Democratic Party Jefferson-Jackson dinner that he was running for president “to protect the American worker. To fight for the American worker…. To give our children and grandchildren the same chances somebody gave me.”

Since then, thanks to the efforts of President Obama and millions of Americans who have fought alongside him, 18 million Americans have gained health coverage under Obamacare and tens of millions more are enjoying new protections so they don’t go broke when they or a loved one gets sick. We’ve brought the economy back from the brink of another depression, saved an auto industry on the verge of collapse, created 11 million new private-sector jobs, and imposed tough new standards on Wall Street to make another crash that much less likely. We’ve passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, taken historic action to curb the effects of climate change, and pursued a new, more humane policy toward immigrant families, especially children. …


David Plouffe

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