2015/03/28 — L’Onzieme (The Eleventh)

Tonight we were doing board game night with Meghan, and Devanie (Devon & Stephanie) [OR Stevon for Stephanie & Devon] {Take your pick}

Upon arriving to the Fix, we realized it was ~3:30 pm and I was faced with an etymologically quandary: this is a late lunch, but it’s a pseudo-early dinner. Why is there no word for this? Stephen suggested dunch and I threw up. Then sunch came up for supper/lunch, and we let it go because no matter what, it’d sound dirty. Lupper? No. No. No. NO!

So, it was Über busy, and we knew better than to come at this time on a Saturday, but one of the waiters knew us and as soon as two seats opened, he motioned here! and we canceled our seats. The Fix has such awesome employees, a very cool family to watch.

We were ready to order pretty early, and I actually ordered some different toppings this time, and they turned out to be awesome.

David — Created

Chicken Breast Bunless; Duck Confit; Short Rib; Red Onion; Bacon;

Stephen — Modified Bigger Mac

Bigger Mac with Portobello


This was an eye opening visit for how fucking awesome duck confit mixes with short rib and chicken. I also want this burger to become an official burger called either The Animal or The Barnhouse. I am going to perfect it first. I also want a discount on it.

I also didn’t mind how portobello tasted, but didn’t venture further than one bite because I didn’t want to jynx myself, but I could see myself enjoying it again.

Superb dunch and off we skipped to play board games with Meghan after a quick Nucafe stop.

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