2015/03/29 — The Twelfth

Apropos to our delicious day yesterday, I decided to continue my efforts of perfecting The Animal/Barnhouse/Carnivore/Right Side but this time with a burger and pork belly to taste.

I had a beautiful, wonderful, lazy-mo-fuggin’ Sunday. Woke up, put on gym clothes, and laid around until The Fix.

In the consequent downtime, burger posts were completed! Emails were read! Coffee was made and enjoyed! I am now splendiferously sitting around after a good day of burgers & gym to give you the good word: burger.

To recap the day: we rolled up twenty minutes after opening, I was strutting in my gym clothes (not my fucking pajamas,) ready to attack and git r’ done for some gains, bro.

The bar was pretty open, but bless our arrival time because twenty minutes later it just crammed in. The bartender was the one who closed last night, and she was there bright and chipper. I basically did lamenting for her and she adamantly declared: open and closer! Which I respect, but damn girl, you had a busy night.

Stephen and I shivered next to the ice bucket, as everyone complained to the effort of needing to turn on the AC. I said they were fucking crazy, and they instead made fun of my gym clothes, which I took in stride and promptly slid my shorts up a little more to show more thigh in an effort to make ‘em laugh. It worked, we were all on the same page, and I don’t know what that page was.


David — Created (Double Patty)

Double Patty; Pork Belly; Red Onion

Stephen — Created (Tuna)

Tuna; Fried Egg; Bacon; Avocado


Pork Belly. That is all. Let’s be real.

Stephen got a plate of bacon on the side, and it was a good heap!

My patties were extremely huge, and I got full extremely quick, and it was cooked to perfection. I want a plate of pork belly though with pork rinds.

I kind of want to create a Pork Belly Parmesan: pork rind crumbs encrusted around pork belly pieces and they’re all covered in mozzarella cheese.

Please let me have this.

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