2015/03/30 — Thirteen

Day-Off Dave

Dramatic intro; I had a day off today! I had an extremely productive morning that consisted of getting groceries, Starbucks, and other meaningless errands that were special because I have weird hours.

I think Worcester can be a particularly pretty city at times. Living in Lynn, the amount of character that exists here is just awesome. I love driving down Pleasant St. because you can just feel the carcass of history that’s trying to revitalize.

So yes, I get to drive through some cool streets to get to burgers, and I figured I’d preface this post with a photo!

I left the house around 9:20 and got shit done then headed out for the Fix around 12:30.

The bar was partially empty and there wasn't a lot of staff that I noticed; I only recognized the Maître d' and she informed me due to her karmic development of commenting on my shorts, her back ended up hurting her. Which I felt really bad for her, back issues suck and I reassured her that my feelings weren’t hurt. I enjoy messing with people sometimes. She’s too nice! But yeah, it was quite literally the loneliest burger ever.

I got another menu with the lower prices, and my wallet’s wanton for cheaper prices cried with slap of the leather as I took my credit card out. I digress, whatevz.


Two patties; cheddar; pork belly; short rib; duck confit; no bun

Courtesy of Stephen’s suggestion, eating this burger made me feel opulent. It’s missing some bacon and a potential chicken burger; I’m trying to find the best recipe to choose.

The cheddar could’ve been melted a little more, but the overall burger was cooked to perfection per usual.

Eating chunks of pork belly is like falling in love. The trepid intricate dunks into the sauce, as if you were a fat sweaty finance businessman jumping into the dead sea. The whiskey bbq sauce moistened the pork belly and duck confit to a T — fantastico!

I think I’ve had 18 cups of coffee today.