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Jan 6. It was a snow day here in South Korea. We had just received 3 inches of snow overnight. In a country that rarely sees that amount of snow, it paralyzes everything. So, we were on a delayed reporting schedule.

So I got some extra sleep in the morning.

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Eight months ago, I found myself in a work environment that was so toxic that it was all I could do not to walk ‘out the door’ and take early retirement. I was working on an information technology team where the customer thought the best way to manage our contract…

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It’s been a long time since I’ve published anything on Medium. Far too long.

Not even four short months ago, blogging was my passion — almost an obsession.

Then, my life was turned upside-down.

In four short months, I lost my job, moved (not once, but twice), attempted to retire…

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Cross country skiing is certainly not the most’ extreme’ outdoor winter sports activity that anyone could take up. But there is nothing like cross-country skiing as a perfect way to spend a late winter or early spring afternoon.

The coolest thing about cross country skiing is that you can do…

I start small, as a spring,

Or a dripping snowmelt high in the mountains.

I begin my life with hardly a notice,

Far, far from prying eyes.

I begin the long journey,

That will end hundreds, even thousands of miles from where I started.

Sometimes flowing as gently as a…

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Carpe Diem! It was the first thought I had as I woke up today.

It’s been kind of a weird weekend. It’s a weekend of endings and beginnings. I think it’s somewhat fitting that my retirement came on Easter weekend.

Friday may indeed be my last day in the corporate…

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My brother was excited. He was coming to Colorado to ski with me during a much-needed break from his brutal training schedule with the Navy up in Idaho.

I was living the ski-bumming dream up in Summit County, Colorado, at the time. My brother Steve was eager to come and…

“These are the times that try men’s souls.” Thomas Paine penned that in “The American Crisis” over 250 years ago. He was referring to the crisis that America was going through in its struggles to free itself from the tyranny of Great Britain. …

Dr. David Martin

I write about leadership, tech, education, current affairs and life in general from Seoul, South Korea (poetry, too!). Email me at

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