Like so many other millennials in lockdown, I’ve really gotten into sourdough this year.

Sure, I’ve been learning to bake it. But I’ve also been foraging around forums on the internet and listening to more bread-focused podcasts than I’d care to admit.

I’ve tried dozens of sourdough recipes in search of the perfect loaf, and more than a few guides to building the perfect sourdough starter. And my goals at the start were pretty simple.

  • One: Save money.

Before my baking began, I was spending more than $20 a week at my local bakery. That was stupid even before I…

You might not think that ham could be the biggest story of the year. But in Spain, ham is a thing of national security (or at least national pride).

Spaniards have a fanatical devotion to jamón ibérico de bellota, the acorn-fed Iberian ham served up in tapas bars across the country. It’s as Spanish as siesta, paella, and being really good at football, so when two American companies recently announced plans to produce Iberian ham in the U.S., there was sure to be outrage.

But what’s the big deal?

Iberian Ham: Made in Iberia

Jamón ibérico is the greatest thing to happen to any carnivore…

2020 is the year that just won’t quit. For months we’ve been bouncing like pinballs between stories, scandals, and things we’d rather just forget about.

So in all this noise, you might have missed a story from the world of alcohol: “Plantation Rum” is changing its name.

In response to 2020’s global anti-racism protests, the brand has decided to drop ‘plantation’ from its name. According to the rum’s founder, Alexandre Gabriel:

“As the dialogue on racial equality continues globally, we understand the hurtful connotation the word ‘plantation’ can evoke to some people, especially in its association with much graver images…

David Pope

Food is storytelling. I find the stories behind the food we eat every day, and unpack the ethics of eating. Catch me at .

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