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Marcus Paulos

(Summer of 1976)

Unable to remember how he’d gotten there, nor what had happened, Marcus Paulos hovered above his own bullet-riddled body. A man had just rushed from the room and a hint of…something lingered in the air. Sulfur? He’d seen the guy jump onto a…

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Red Sky at Morning

An excerpt from my novel, Inherit the Earth. Photo courtesy Unsplash

A steady breeze from the stern aided the crew of Currahee to stay her course with minimum effort. At dawn, Richard exited the cabin, stretched, and gazed at the horizon. The eastern sky appeared the…

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Excerpt from the novel Inherit the Earth by David Poynter

Endgame (The ultimate horror)

Phera, the original mutant bedbug, had lain more than twenty-seven thousand eggs in her lifetime. Her multi-greats grandchildren numbered well into the hundreds of trillions and occupied every inhabitable landmass in the world.

Having never been…

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(December 21st, 876 A.D.)

Rough bark pressed into Ekehno’s back as he hid behind a giant redwood tree that stood between a large four-point buck and the deep-water stream. Daring not to breathe heavily, he took long, silent intakes and exhales of air. His arrow…

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Not your typically hateful Chihuahua, Baby loved everyone. The plumber, a total stranger to the pup, got tickly licks on his butt-crack, making everyone who saw it happen laugh out loud. Even Simon, an employee of We R Roto-Rooters, though embarrassed, chuckled, pulled up his trousers…

Melody had gone downhill since her twenty-two-year-old son died in an automobile accident. She had never been overweight, but her sunken eyes and pronounced cheekbones had become the topic of conversation by the few who’d seen her.

“Poor Mel…” they usually began.

Besides her appearance, personal hygiene was lacking. For…

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Terry frequently felt a touch of guilt for all the animals he’d killed over the eight years before leaving home. But thoughts of his father’s murder always brought a smile to his lips. For the first two years, he’d hopped freights and hitchhiked all over the country. It thrilled him…

David Poynter

I’ve loved horror and thrillers since age ten with EA Poe’s “The Telltale Heart.” My WIP is entitled “Inherit the Earth”

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