Your first mistake is buying the hype that Trump is fundamentally different from any other leader.
Joshua Sanders

I have “come to grips” with reality already, thank you very much. From a sufficient altitude, everything looks the same, but your willful ignoring of the specific points I raised indicate to me that your youthful insouciance takes refuge in a false equivalency that the rest of us, with investments in the humanity around us, simply cannot afford. “All politicians are power hungry narcissists, “ therefore “all politicians are morally equivalent”? That’s a feeble attempt at a syllogism, my young friend. “Hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue,” true, but as long as our politicians pay that tribute, we get some virtue along with our vice. Trump is too dumb, too narcissistic, to even bother with that modicum of hypocrisy, of lip service to virtue. What other president would praise Putin, Duterte, al Sissi, and go out of his way to congratulate Erdogan on his ascension to full dictatorship? What other president would praise the Chinese for Tienanmen Square, in naked admiration of its brutality? They’re all the same, in the final analysis, perhaps, but we live between now and the final analysis. Give me a traditional hypocrite every time; then at least SOME good towards human rights, SOME progress on the environment are possible. Lip service is better than no service at all. When you’ve seen a little more, then you can sit in smug judgment on the world. And on me, if you wish.

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