Quick tutorial on how to sign a message with a Bitcoin Address

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1. After you have sent your Bitcoin transaction go to your App/Wallet/Page and look for the “Sign a Message” function.

Your wallet should offer this function if you are holding the private key.

2. Make sure you know your “FROM” address (your own address you sent from.

3. Insert/Choose your FROM address, and type your Ethereum address into the message field.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT put ANY text in the message, just your ETH address.

4. Confirm your signature.

5. You will get a Signature. Copy everything from “Begin Signature” until “End Signature”.

6. Copy the Signature and post it together with your from address and ETH address (that you just used in the signature message into the form on our Website.)


Where to go from here:

When can you see your Jesus Coin?

After you have sent the funds you can check your token balance for that address on Etherscan.

Please allow up to 24 hours for your balance to show.