A bird landed in a canal with a pancake, possibly donated, possibly purloined. It ate it, biting it and tossing it in the air as it shrank. The other birds, swans, ducks, surrounded the eating bird in a flurry of beating wings, flippers, and rippling water. If you give a bird a pancake they will all want one.

I ate a falafel at a falafel shop. It was wrapped with many vegetables and garlic sauce. Another man came into the empty shop and they spoke in Arabic for a while. Mohammad came up a few times. Then some British soccer hooligans stopped by and ordered some doughnuts. They were loud and boisterous, and the falafel man seemed to know them. At one point the falafel man laughed uproariously. I did not catch the joke, for I do not speak soccer hooligan well. The falafel man is multilingual, by necessity. The falafel man is also a comic book superhero. He makes falafel.

An old man on the street with his wife turned to me and told me a joke. I told him I only speak English and he said something that I assume is the equivalent of “never mind.” It was lost in translation. This happened twice with two old men and their wives.

While it was hailing I conveniently stopped into a shop called “candy freaks.” Suddenly a man started feeding me vegan gummy bears proclaiming to me that they were “the finest in the world.”

While I ate gummy bears, I could only hope that this man worked at the establishment and was not simply a strange man feeding me gummy bears.