An army of evangelicals walked down my street. Fancy leather shoes on their feet. Handing out pamphlets of which each one says: Hell awaits those who do or don’t wear a fez. I was astounded astounded as you may be, for on my head sat a hat or not a hat where a hat might be. “See?” said one vangelical; “See!” said the other. “A heathen!” “A heathen!” “Spawned from a heathenly mother!”

“The fires of Hell shall lick you, you’ll see! For you are a heathenly heathen as heathenly as any heathen could be.”

But have not you heard, I said looking gelical to gelical, global warming is a hoax, Hell is only an average of 70 degrees.

And they left like running from a house o fire, shouting over and over, “Liar! Liar!”