A Wirebonding Factory Tour

Background on Silicon Die

Factory Process

Cleaning the boards by hand.
Machine for cleaning boards.
Placing the die on the boards by hand.
Machine for placing the die on the boards.
The placed die on the boards, before wirebonding.
Wirebonding in action.
Wirebonding machines.
Wirebonding diagram on one of the machines.
Wirebonded die.
Testing the circuit (his fingers move so fast it looks like slow motion at this reduced framerate)
Testing station.
Manual wirebonding station for re-working boards that fail testing.
Optical tracking machine for depositing epoxy.
Fixtured machine for depositing epoxy.
Epoxy stations.
Wet epoxy on the boards.
Boards in the oven.
Final product.

Benefits and Costs

Personal Notes




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David Ramsay

David Ramsay

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